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My Setup


I try to give a fair shake to the home viewing experience. Here is my setup for watching DVDs:

A dedicated media room with blackout curtains and an IDEAL-LUME 6500 Kelvin bias light from CinemaQuest mounted behind the TV.

A Hitachi 57S700 57" CRT projection TV, professionally ISF calibrated.

Vienna Acoustic Mozarts for the front mains, wall-mounted V-A Waltzes , and a V-A Maestro for the center channel (mounted above the TV and angled down to the listening position).

An SVS PC-Ultra cylindrical subwoofer with dedicated 525 watt amp.

A Pioneer Elite DV-59AVi DVD player, with digital audio and video output. Hooked via DVI cable to the set and via i-Link to the receiver.

A Pioneer Elite VSX-59TXi receiver with DTS processing.

I also have a Pioneer DVL-919 combo DVD/LD player for playing my collection of laserdiscs.

Line voltage for all components is conditioned and regulated through an ExactPower EP15A.


©2006 Ken Molay