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The Castle

I loved this film! Almost every "common person" review I read loved this film. See this film. You will love this film.

The movie is a low-budget comedy from Australia (Debbie looked up something that said they shot it in 11 days reduced to the number of days they could afford to feed the cast).

It is a very simple story about a very simple family, content and happy with their life and each other. A situation arises that forces them to take a stand against perceived injustice from an uncaring governmental system. Honestly, the plot doesn't really matter. The movie is more like a realistically-set fairy tale.

The script writing is often very funny, but more often, the humor lies in the complete sense of sincerity in the actors' portrayals of these loving, heart-strong people. They always believe they can triumph over adversity because they believe in themselves, each other, and the basic rightness and perfection of the world. I don't want to give away too much because I like letting movies unfold as a discovery.

Yes, there are certainly weaknesses in the film. A small town lawyer is written as such a complete bumbling boob that he is simply impossible as a real person. A pivotal court battle is ludicrous. But it doesn't matter a bit. There is a bouncy soundtrack full of pop/rock radio hits mostly from the 70's. As the credits rolled I realized I had a big goofy grin on my face and a warm spot in my heart for humanity. And that's enough for me.

Parents' note: There is an unfortunate amount of swearing, with lots of four-letter S and F words. Which is a pity, because other than that, it is a perfect family viewing film with a great message of family love, support, and togetherness.


©2006 Ken Molay