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A Better Way To Score Webinar Leads   (60 minutes, Free)

Lead scoring for webinars is typically performed by asking a series of sales-related questions on the registration form. Is there a better way to rate your best sales opportunities? Yes, there is.

Participate in this 60-minute webinar and learn how to use your webinar attendees' behavior and interaction as a way to gauge sales readiness and interest. Use your content, your presentation structure, and your planned interactions as tools to identify potential sales leads.

Ken Molay is president of Webinar Success and a former director of product marketing for a major software manufacturer. Take advantage of his long experience with web seminars as a lead generation channel and use this live, interactive session to have him answer your questions.

In this free 60-minute webinar, you will learn:
  • Why traditional lead scoring questions backfire
  • How to analyze webinar reports to identify interested leads
  • How to structure presentation content to uncover sales leads
  • Ways to let leads identify themselves
  • Best practices for polls and surveys
  • The number one technique for benefiting from a webinar lead

Register for October 11 Tuesday, October 11
9am California / 12pm New York

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