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Making Your Webinars More Engaging And Interactive   (60 minutes, Free)

Keeping audiences attentive and focused on your message translates to more opportunities to turn attendees into leads. Find out how to make your webinars more compelling, interesting, and enjoyable to attend by improving your presentation style and use of interactive web conferencing features.

Join Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, as you learn techniques for building interactivity in your webinars. You will explore ways to more fully involve your audience in on online presentation. You have the power to engage your audience in active participation that improves the persuasiveness of your message and their retention of your material.

Register now for your chance to learn:
  • How to configure a presentation to incorporate interactivity
  • Presentation techniques that encourage active participation
  • Conferencing features that support interactivity and how best to use them
  • When to use interactivity and when to avoid it
  • Potential pitfalls of interactivity and how to protect yourself
This session is appropriate for anyone who presents via webinars. A live question and answer session will let you focus on the issues of most importance and benefit to your organization.

Register for June 29 Wednesday, June 29
12pm California / 3pm New York

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