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Best Practices for Incorporating Multimedia in Webinars   (60 minutes, Free)

Webinar content can be so much more than PowerPoint slides and narration. Have you considered adding live video, prerecorded content, audio clips, web interactions, quizzes, or interactive exercises to your webinars? Multimedia content can improve attention and engagement from your attendees, but only if you use it carefully and correctly.

Attend this 60-minute webinar and learn best practices for incorporating multimedia components in your webinars. You will gain valuable tips such as:
  • Ways that multimedia can increase or inhibit interaction and engagement
  • Techniques for smoothly integrating recorded content into your live presentation
  • How to avoid making the most common and annoying webcam mistake
  • What technical factors you need to be aware of before adding multimedia
  • Fair use considerations for referencing publicly-posted content

The session will be led by Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success and a recognized expert in webinar production and presentation. Ken will share tips and tricks gleaned from 15 years of webinar experience, with plenty of practical examples for webinar administrators, moderators, and speakers.

You will be able to ask questions during the presentation and have them answered live on the air. Donít miss this opportunity to discover new ways to enhance your webinars and make them more attractive and memorable to your target audiences

Register for September 24 Wednesday, September 24
10am California / 1pm New York

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Outstanding Presentations Workshop   (7 weeks, $17)

Learn how to eliminate Death by PowerPoint and make your presentations come to life as you listen to guest experts share their best techniques and answer your questions! One low cost gives you access to seven valuable topics presented by noted professionals in the field.

Don't miss Ken Molay giving tips on how to create and deliver a nonlinear presentation that engages and involves your audience! That session will be held on September 23 at 11am California / 2pm New York time.

Presentations include:
  • Nolan Haims - Presenting the Story of Your Data
  • Greg Owen-Boger & Dale Ludwig - Challinging Preconceptions About Everyday Business Presentations
  • Ken Molay - Wow Your Audience With A Nonlinear Presentation
  • Lisa Braithwaite - Tools and Tricks for Getting Your Audience's Attention and Keeping It
  • Nicholas Oulton - Using Video Technology Effectively to Present and Shorten Sales Cycles
  • Emma Sutton - How To Write Stories That Your Audience Can't Wait To Tell Others
  • Ellen Finkelstein - 13 Techniques That Will Make Designing Your Slides Easy

Your registration gives you access to the live presentations and one month of archive recordings access.

Register for the Outstanding Presentations Workshop September 9 - October 28
11am California / 2pm New York

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