Recordings And Downloads

This page gives you an easy way to access the recorded presentations used on various pages of our website, as well as others that have been produced for special use cases. You will also find documents that you can view or download for later reference.

Webinar Basics - 04:08
An overview of how webinar quality affects your business and what considerations go into producing a professional event.

Using A Moderator - 03:40
What are the benefits of using a professional event moderator on your webinars and what services can you expect them to provide?

Vocal Skills - 05:53
Why it is hard to recognize and eliminate common flaws in our own vocal presentation styles. How to work on overcoming bad speaking habits.

Points of View - 05:51
How to reconcile the goals of your company with audience expectations when preparing, promoting, and delivering a webinar.

Webinar Success Overview.pdf
A quick summary of Webinar Success services.

Using A Moderator.pdf
An overview document listing the highpoints of the information found in our "Using A Moderator" presentation.